Setting the Gospel in motion through writing, drama, song, dance, & film!

Worshipful Ministries was birthed out of a heart’s desire to stir and arouse the Body of Christ to spend more intimate, quality time with the Father, and also to encourage the Body of Christ to use writing, dance, drama, poetry, creative expression, and the production films to minister to the Body of Christ.

The ministry currently offers books, inspirational teachings, praise and worship dance mentoring workshops, stage productions, and speaking engagements.  The author’s link for books is



We can help you start a dance ministry as well as use drama as a way to serve your community and represent Christ!   We teach “beginner” dance choreography tips for creating anointed, dynamic dances that will touch the Father’s heart and the people you serve.  Please email us at

Courses and Books

We also have online courses for both writing and directing gospel stage plays and writing your first book! Email us at for more detail.

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Denise Cook-Godfrey, Minister-Author-Playwright-Liturgical Dance Educator

Video Clips & Pics of Dance Ministry

Watch the choreography of “Oceans” by clicking the link below.  Enjoy!

Watch the choreography to the song:  “Alabaster Box” by clicking the link below.  Enjoy!

Dance Coursebooks for Teens and Adults


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  1. Thank you so much for inviting me, I have been truly blessed by your ministry and in how you represent the Kingdom of God in a Spirit of Excellence, may the Lord continue to bless you!

    1. Thanks for commenting on this site Kela! I love hearing from everyone. Also, on the side of the website screen, there is a box for you to enter your name and email address as to join the mailing list. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thanks for your heartfelt comments Cherisse. Mad the blessings of the Lord overtake you as you continue to seek after Him! I am glad that you commented. It means a lot.

  2. I love you so much and all you do for others. … God sees and knows all…. your reward in heaven will be far more greater than you could ever imagine! You are truly an inspiration and I pray you continue to let you light shine and not grow weary no matter what!

  3. happy New Year beautiful! I love you and I’m thankful and grateful for your awesome uplifts…. They have helped me in so many ways! I pray God continues to bless you mightily in all your endeavors…. Love you ….Shanalda

    1. Thank you Shanalda! You are such an encouragement! I love you and always see the light of Jesus shining through you. I know that you are for real and may the Lord pour out blessings upon you and your family in great abundance. You are truly a servant and have a servant’s heart. God bless!

  4. Hey Denise! Yes, I want to hunger and thirst for the Lord ….for the things of God …to see more of His glory! I was actually talking to our Father about that it prayer today. Also, your ministry had made a difference in mine. Thank you and God bless!!
    Beverly Powell

    1. Thank you Beverly. Your ministry and your passion for the things of God has really been an inspiration for me as well. May God continue to pour His rain upon you!

  5. I am excited to be connected with you and your ministry. Together we will do kingdom building. Look forward to speaking with you. Thank you so much for responding back to me so quickly. Good bless you!!

    Debi Jones
    Minister of dance

    1. God bless you Minister Debi! I will add you to our mailing list. I also thank you for leaving a comment. When you get the confirmation email, please click on the link provided so that you will complete the subscription and be able to receive an electronic copy of our worship devotional! God bless!

  6. Your Ministry is truly a blessing, I pray our Lord and Savior will continue to bless your Ministry. All Glory to Him, both now and forever. A child of the most high God Robin

    1. Robin, thanks so much for the encouraging comment! I pray God’s blessings upon you and your family and am so thankful to God that you have been blessed by the ministry. You are so right. God deserves all glory!

  7. Just thinking this morning of what a blessing and inspiration you are to so many people. I look to you as another, “strong” WOMAN OF GOD. Thank you for allowing Christ to use you as His vessel. God Bless!!

    1. Raelitra, thanks for visiting the website. My prayer is that you continue to see what the Lord is saying in this season of time for your life and ministry. Blessings my Sister…

  8. You are a gift to the body of Christ. The Word of God that pours from you fill a lot of empty vessels…people whose deficient in the areas of joy, peace and love. I thank God for using you to refill, restore, renew and even revive the people of God. I appreciate such an effective ministry. Blessings to you woman of God!

  9. Thank you for your help in assisting me with your gift to build a praise team at my worship place. I love you Sis and may our God continue to shine on your marriage, children, ministries and gifts.

  10. Denise, you are such a blessing to the body of Christ. You are the humble voice that God uses to build, encourage and lift his people up out of despair. Thank you for the wisdom that God gives you. You are truly a an anointed vessel of God.
    Dr. Kathy Mckinney (Kingdom Women Ministries)

    1. Dr Kathy my Sister thank you for this encouragement! It means a lot.I know by experience that you have a powerful ministry that is also needed in every season. Continue to discern and stay hungry for the higher dimensions! This is what I’m hearing…the higher dimensions. What you’re doing now is pleasing to God and you are being prepped for deeper and greater! Can’t wait to see what He unfolds in your life.

  11. Blessings and favor over your life my friend! God is using you in mighty ways to convey the light to His people. Continue to dance in the spirit, speaking always in the spirit and live a life that pleases Him. People are watching us. Let us be the Bible in motion! May your latter days be your best days in Jesus name!

    1. Hello Minister Kendra my Sis! Thanks for the words of encouragement. I also pray that you continue to be a voice and light in this dark hour. Your ministry is awesome and I feel the presence of God and the passion for Him and His people coming out of you when you speak. Many blessings to you Sis!

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