Rising from the Ashes!

What a title, you may be saying.  My Father God is still dealing with me on the subject of brokenness and repentance.  I truly thank Him for it, although I would be lying if I said that this is a fun filled process.  It is indeed a process.  I thank God for the “sack cloth… Continue reading Rising from the Ashes!

God is for You

One of the worst feelings that I have experienced in my walk with the Lord is the brokenness after a complete failure to trust God’s provisions.  This is something I have dealt with again recently and wanted to share.  God knows our weak points.  We are not to stay weak in these points, but we… Continue reading God is for You

Do You Know that God is for You?

Hello everyone!  Just wanted to share a spiritual nugget with you.  The more that I live in Christ, the more that I learn that I have absolutely got to keep Christ and my love-worship relationship with Him at the top of the priority list!  This holds true for every born again believer but especially for… Continue reading Do You Know that God is for You?