God is for You

One of the worst feelings that I have experienced in my walk with the Lord is the brokenness after a complete failure to trust God’s provisions.  This is something I have dealt with again recently and wanted to share.  God knows our weak points.  We are not to stay weak in these points, but we are not to allow the spirit of condemnation to rule in our hearts either.  I am not taking God’s mercy and grace for granted, but I am exhorting you to pick that ball up and keep running for the prize.  God is for you!  He will never forsake you in your weaknesses.  Keep crying out to Him and do not run from Him when you know you have disappointed Him.  He is Abba (Pappa, Daddy, Father). He protects and provides and nothing that we can ever do will stop Him from loving us.  He will not cancel our purpose and throw us away with the dirty bath water!

I will endeavor to keep trusting.  Not in my own efforts to have faith, but in His faithfulness and grace to me.  I will keep asking the Holy Spirit to connect me to the heart of the Father and make know His perfect will for my life so that when it is time to walk out in faith, make decisions, and know which doors to walk in, I will experience His peace.  When I fail again, I will seek for His peace and forgiveness.  He is faithful and just and forgives us and cleanses us from all unrighteousness (I John 1 8-10).  We should live each day in a way that we are reaching forth for maturity in our walk and we should feel broken and hurt when we fail.  That is healthy and it shows that we have the Spirit of God that convicts us.  The Spirit will also convince us that we are still children of God, even in our weaknesses.

God bless!

I have included a clip of a dance ministered at our local museum a couple of weeks ago.  It is not the best of quality but I pray that it will bless you!  I do have a clip of my grand-daughter as well doing some free style choreography at one of our practices to the song: God is for me by Kari Jobe; however, I keep getting “freezes” on it on my system.  I am also including it, just in case your system will handle it better!  I do not have professional videography skills yet, but please bare with me!  Have a wonderful week.

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