Praise Dance Workshops/Mentoring (Liturgical)

There is still time to book a workshop or mentoring session; however, you must hurry!!!  I only have room for one workshop and only a few mentoring sessions!  Contact me via instant message on facebook at Denise Cook Godfrey or leave a reply here!  The email address is







My name is Denise Cook-Godfrey and my passion is to teach worship dance leaders how to choreograph their own anointed, dynamic dances for church services as well as other community events that will bring healing, encouragement, and also that will minister effectively to the audience you are serving!

Worshipful Ministries is now offering praise and worship dance workshops for beginner dance ministries who desire to take the ministry to the next level!  Perhaps you have limited technical dance training and skills—-no worries!  These workshops are designed to give the dancer excellent and anointed choreography tips that will minister to the heart of God and to the people you are serving. (Be sure to read all the way to the end so that you may enjoy a clip of a prophetic dance and to view a few pics and a choreography clip from a dance workshop that I hosted and directed)

Here is what you take away from the workshop:

  • What the bible says about dance
  • How to use expressive gestures and dancing with the face
  • Learning to create choreography that leaves a memorable impression in the heart of the audience.  You will not learn just one dance, but you will learn how to choreograph any dance for your ministry!
  • Some basic technical dance moves from ballet and modern that can be used in your dance choreography
  • For the leaders, excellent administrative tips that will assist in staying organized

To book a workshop or to discuss in detail, contact Denise Cook-Godfrey via email at mailto: or via inbox message on FaceBook at Denise Cook Godfrey.  Workshops are offered to private groups, public groups, or private solo sessions.

*Beginners, I can teach you right now how to take your dance ministry to the next level.  Email me for more information at mailto:  God bless your dance!  Listen to past testimonies of how the ministry has been a blessing to others.


“I gained several things from the worship dance mentoring through Minister Denise Cook-Godfrey. Some coming from one-on-one teaching,  some from just being in her presence and  experiencing her worship in dance, some from listening and seeing her operate and minister through spoken word:    Just a few things I experienced. .. 1. It’s possible to dance with technique and still be anointed.  2. It’s ok to want to perfect your gifts and talents. 3. You are to operate in the spirit with dance (prophetic, war cry, worship, praise, etc) just as you do any other spiritual gift. 4. Your level of intimacy in relationship with God flows over into your dance ministry…Having a heart for the people and particularly the younger generation,  Minister Denise wants to develop the people spiritual and physically to be the best at who and what God has called them to be. It’s all about love and service to God.

The dance worship mentoring is very much recommended and I learned things I can incorporate into my own ministry as well as the children’s dance ministry.”

LaShayla Cochran, Dance Coordinator for Freewill Worship Center, Goodwater, AL

“I recently got to see Denise present a piece that was self-choreographed to “Alabaster Box”. She was able to take me as well as the others watching her, through space and time and use dance as an act of testimony and deliverance. I told God, what a wonderful thing He had done through her and then told her myself afterwards. It’s always an honor and a treat to see a dance daughter, such as Denise, branch out on their own and carry the torch of dance ministry to touch others and cause a ripple effect in the Kingdom of God!”

Minister Jeanna Sumners

“Disciples of the Dance” – Author (Book)

Dance and Performing Arts Co. – Assistant Director
Facebook: Disciples of the Dance

“My experiences under Sister Denise’s mentoring classes were amazing!  I was so nervous and scared in the beginning.  She made me feel so calm and at ease.  She showed patience.  Her dedication to God also leaked out to dedication to me.  I learned a lot from her.  Sister Denise is a great Teacher and Woman of God!”

Bridgette Truss

*Hope that you enjoy this prophetic dance clip.  Claim it for yourself!

Watch a clip of the choreography to scripture that the dancers completed using the dynamics learned during the workshop:


A picture of me and the women that attended “Its Your Season Dance Workshop” on March 7, 2015.  We had an amazing time together. I have also posted 2 other photos from the workshop.

Its Your Season wkshop1

Its your season wkshop 3 Its your season wkshop 2

8 thoughts on “Praise Dance Workshops/Mentoring (Liturgical)

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Darlina! I do have a choreography e-course that will be offered in September. There are 3 online sessions and we will be learning how to take our worship dance choreography to a deeper level! There is a possibility that I will be offering a live workshop in October. Where are you from? Please sign up for the email list so that we can stay connected and you can receive information on workshops and other news from the ministry. Also, let me know what your needs are. There may be a possibility that I will be able to travel to you for mentoring or workshops. My email address is or if you want to email me directly. Thanks for contacting the ministry today!

  1. Kimberly

    Hi I wanted to know if you have anything starting for November. I am currently a praise dance leader but I would like to learn more to teach to my dancers.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Kimberly. I have only one confirmed mentoring session beginning next week. Are you needing online mentoring or something in person? If you will email me at I will give you a phone number so that we can chat. Thanks for contacting us! Blessings to you.

  2. Shadana

    Hello! My church will be starting a praise dance group, which wil consist of about 3-4 people. I was looking for someone to mentor us to give us some direction.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Shadana! I am certainly honored to assist. I am sending you an email as we speak in order to get more information and see which routes we need to take. Thanks so much for visiting our site!


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