Do You Know that God is for You?

Hello everyone!  Just wanted to share a spiritual nugget with you.  The more that I live in Christ, the more that I learn that I have absolutely got to keep Christ and my love-worship relationship with Him at the top of the priority list!  This holds true for every born again believer but especially for those of us who are anointed and appointed, filled with multiple passions and gifts, and those who truly want to be Kingdom Builders.  The more you give of yourself, the more you will see that times will come when you are just over looked and under appreciated.  Now I am not talking about wanting to get a “pat” on the back for working for the kingdom.  I am referring to times when we as men and women of God who truly labor for the sake of the Kingdom are just taken for granted!  It is during those difficult moments when you have to take a step back, breathe, and realize that even though you feel like you are chasing the wind and throwing pebbles in the ocean with no one to hear the sound, you must still press on and worship like never before!  Don’t get so discouraged until the spirit of depression begins to set inside of your soul.  Always keep in mind that you must allow the Word of God to build you up! God sees the heart of the matter. No matter how much rejection, false accusation, persecution, and heartache that you suffer while doing the will of God, you must know that God thinks beautiful thoughts toward you and that you must continue to know that it is not really about you.  It is about Christ and building His Kingdom.  He suffered at the hands of sinful men, yet He endured the cross despising its shame.  We must expect to endure suffering as well but know that He will make something beautiful of the suffering.  Well, just wanted to pour out and share with you my heart on this lovely Sunday evening.  The last thought I would like to leave with you is this:

If God be for you, who can be against you?  (Romans 8:31-What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?)  So, do you really know this by revelation and experience or is this just one of those feel good scriptures that we quote to pacify ourselves when we are licking our wounds?  It is important to know that you know that you know!  The world is cruel.  The church is filled with confessing Christians who are equally cruel.  Knowing that God is for you and that He will never forsake or forget you is crucial.  May seem elementary but  it is something that we have got to know by revelation from the Spirit of God.  This type of revelation will sustain us during the difficult times in our lives.

May God bless you as you endeavor to worship Him and serve Him mightily in these last days!

Minister Denise Cook-Godfrey

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