COVID-19 Chronicles Day #2

Welp!  Here we are on day 2 of this special time of recording what I honestly believe to be the mind of Christ on the matter of the virus thing!  If you have not read day #1 of these chronicles, please do so.  On day ,1 I described the purpose of the chronicles which started… Continue reading COVID-19 Chronicles Day #2

Relationship over Religion

Worshipping in spirit and truth has more to do with a mindset, an attitude and a lifestyle more than external rituals. The reality (truth)of who the Father is causes the deepest part of who I am in Him (my spirit man) to connect!!! The deepest part of me engaging with the deepest part of Him…remember,… Continue reading Relationship over Religion

Do You Know that God is for You?

Hello everyone!  Just wanted to share a spiritual nugget with you.  The more that I live in Christ, the more that I learn that I have absolutely got to keep Christ and my love-worship relationship with Him at the top of the priority list!  This holds true for every born again believer but especially for… Continue reading Do You Know that God is for You?

The Day I Danced Under an Open Heaven!!!

Its here! Its here!  The book has finally been born!  This is not just another book about the praise dance.  “The Day I Danced Under an Open Heaven” is a book filled with revelation about worshipping the Father in the “NOW”!  With forewords by Paulette Rolle-Alesnik of Dare to Dance, Inc. and Jocelyn Richard of “The Praise… Continue reading The Day I Danced Under an Open Heaven!!!