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Give Me You!

“Give me You….everything else can wait!”  This is a song by Shana Wilson.  I love it!  It speaks volumes.  I am wondering how awesome our knowledge and revelation of running our busy lives, ministries, and businesses would be if we incorporated time where we put everything else to the side, and just cried out for God’s presence?!  Wow…..this is a great reminder for me.  When we practice meditating in the presence of God for purposes of worship to Him, then yes, we can afford to let everything else WAIT!  Once we do this as a culture and a lifestyle, then it will become easier and easier to know how to do what we do, because we have pieces of Him as the residue from quality time spent on our knees crying out and worshipping Him.  Remember, everything that you need is in His presence!

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Minister Denise Cook Godfrey

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The Day I Danced Under an Open Heaven!!!

Its here! Its here!  The book has finally been born!  This is not just another book about the praise dance.  “The Day I Danced Under an Open Heaven” is a book filled with revelation about worshipping the Father in the “NOW”!  With forewords by Paulette Rolle-Alesnik of Dare to Dance, Inc. and Jocelyn Richard of “The Praise Dance Life”, this book is sure to stir your hunger and desire to hear from heaven like never before!  Read some of what these Women of God had to say about “The Day I Danced Under an Open Heaven”:

Paulette Rolle-Alesnik had this to say about the book:

WARNING!!! Read this book ONLY if you are ready for “…on earth as it is in heaven” and to experience an open heaven over every area of your life through passionate worship.

“The Day I Danced under an Open Heaven” is a spiritually strong, foundational book.  It is a clarion call for the modern Levites to respond to the demands of heaven with an immediate earthly reaction(s).  When heaven speaks, we respond with obedience; heaven kisses earth as we worship in the NOW!  Following Mrs. Cook-Godfrey guidelines will bring success in any ministry AND deeper dimensions in your worship.

Jocelyn Richard wrote this about the Author:

My husband and I had lunch with Denise and her husband DeForest. During our delightful fellowship, I discovered that Denise has a genuine heart for the Lord and a strong passion to bring dance back to the Church for exclusive worship to Jesus. She is a mature humble woman of faith who gives her life to prayer, worship and study of the Bible. She practices and lives what she preaches in this book.

Go to www.amazon.com/author/denisecookgodfrey to order a paper back or to download to kindle. Contact Denise Cook Godfrey via face book or by email at sherrylcook@att.net for more details.  You may also visit the website www.worshipfulministries.com and leave a comment!  God bless you!

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Morning #15 of the devotional, “The Firstfruits of My Morning” by Denise Cook Godfrey

II CHRONICLES 20:21-22:  21And when he had consulted with the people, he appointed singers unto the LORD, and that should praise the beauty of holiness, as they went out before the army, and to say, Praise the LORD; for his mercy endureth forever.

22And when they began to sing and to praise, the LORD set ambushments against the children of Ammon, Moab, and mount Seir, which were come against Judah; and they were smitten.

 WOW!  What an important task that the singers were given in our text this morning.  The singers actually were “positioned” in front of the army when King Jehoshaphat and the people faced national disaster against three other groups of people.   Can you imagine this?  What this means is that praise is powerful and can be used as a weapon of warfare!  This is God’s idea.  We must use every weapon that is given to us to fight our battles.  We must be ready and “positioned” as choir members, soloists, and worship leaders.  One more very important point that is sometimes overlooked is that the word says that the singers began to sing and to praise!  Singing is a form of praise, so why does this verse say that the people began to sing and to praise?  The word “praise” in its Hebrew meaning in this particular verse means “tehillah” which means a “laudation.”  In other words, they were not just singing in a dry, solemn manner.  They were very cheerful and loud!  They added clapping!

Singers, never forget that you have a very important part to play in worship service but you also have an excellent tool for warfare!  Are you using your tool?