Giving Him a Gift of Dance this Christmas!

What can I give to You my Wonderful King?  Well, really, the best gift to give to Him this Christmas is a heart that is full of worship.  He wants our affection first and foremost.  I will have to admit though, that there are times when there are specific areas of our life that He is after as well.  The Lord taught me this one day when I was super busy, creating choreography for one or maybe even two dances for my youth church dance ministry.  Right in the middle of the busiest moment, I could hear the Spirit of the Lord speaking in my ear:  “Will you choreograph one for Me?”  Now you can imagine my astonishment.  All the work and the effort I was placing into the dances was fine but He was drawing me to His heart and reminding me not to forget to choreograph a love dance for an audience of ONE.  That audience is Him!  So if you are a praise and worship dancer, don’t forget to give Him a gift of dance this year.  Create a special love dance just for Him and please Him first and your musicals and Christmas dances and skits will go well.  He will bless you all the more to serve and give to others this season.  If you are not a dancer, think about what you serve best.  What area of your service to the Most High God claims most of your attention?  Give back to God and He will make all your plans to succeed.  Remember, the sacrifices of God are a broken and a contrite heart and spirit.  God will not despise these.  So we need those times with Him where we really are not doing anything at all except just simply being with Him.  I believe that when I continually dance before Him in worship, when the music stops, we will just have that quiet intimate time together where I will bond even closer and begin to know Him more and more.  Now this is the best Christmas present that I can give or obtain.  Awesome!

Alabaster Box Dance in link below:


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Minister Denise Cook Godfrey is the wife of Assistant Pastor DeForest L. Godfrey. Minister Denise has devoted her life to God in true worship and desire to be used to motivate, inspire, and arouse the Body of Christ to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Minister Godfrey’s vision also involves teaching the Body of Christ to utilize the arts such as praise and worship dancing, interpretive movement and expressive signing, drama, and poetry within the local church in order to bring edification, comfort, exhortation, and deliverance. Denise is also the founder of Cook-Godfrey Productions. She is the mother of two children and is a loving grandmother. Minister Godfrey enjoys writing, aerobic exercising, and just spending time with her family.