Deeper Lord, Closer Lord!

Hello Worshippers!  It has been a “minute” since I have blogged, but there are numerous nuggets within my heart.  Finding time to get them on paper is more challenging now than ever.  But……I wanted to encourage all of us to keep asking the Lord our Lover to pull us deeper into Him!  The closer we get though, the hotter it will get!  I want to share an excerpt with you from our newest book release:  “The Day I Danced Under an Open Heaven”.  I hope that you will enjoy this excerpt and if you feel prompted by the Spirit of God, go to the author site and purchase it at  Also, if you would rather have an autographed copy, you can select the “donate” button on the website and make your donation.  Leave your address confidently on my FaceBook inbox page, and I will mail it to  you!  Now, Here is the excerpt from the book.  Enjoy and may God bless you!

He wants to kiss you with the kisses of His lips: (Song of Solomon 1:2)- this passage is deeper than the image of a husband and wife.  The purpose of the book of Songs is to show forth the emotions of God and how He feels about His Bride.  It is to reveal the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

How can we partner with Him as His Ministers if we don’t truly know that He is calling us higher and to different levels in Him?  Song of Solomon 1:4 reveals to us that the Shulamite girl is asking her King to draw her into His love chambers.  That is a great place to be but at some point in time, we’ve got to move out of the chamber and make frequent visits higher into the mountains!  (See Song of Solomon 2:10)  He wants us to rise up and come away!  This takes intimacy on a deeper level.

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Minister Denise Cook Godfrey is the wife of Assistant Pastor DeForest L. Godfrey. Minister Denise has devoted her life to God in true worship and desire to be used to motivate, inspire, and arouse the Body of Christ to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Minister Godfrey’s vision also involves teaching the Body of Christ to utilize the arts such as praise and worship dancing, interpretive movement and expressive signing, drama, and poetry within the local church in order to bring edification, comfort, exhortation, and deliverance. Denise is also the founder of Cook-Godfrey Productions. She is the mother of two children and is a loving grandmother. Minister Godfrey enjoys writing, aerobic exercising, and just spending time with her family.