Called to Praise Dance

Are you called to use the art of dance as a means of worshipping God?  What about using dance technique as a tool to minister to the Body of Christ?  How do you know that you have been appointed by God to dance?
This is how you know that you are called to the worship dance ministry:  God places a strong desire within you that does not go away.  Even though the desire is there, there is still an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy that comes along with it.  The whole idea seems to interrupt the “norm” of your entire life, or so you think.  IF THIS DESCRIBES YOU, then the book, “So You Say You Can Praise Dance….Now What” is a must for your library.  Go to for more details on this very informative book.
Prase and worship dance is an excellent tool to use to bring forth worship to our Lord and King.  It is also a great way to demonstrate the gospel message.  The physical movement on the outside actually demonstrates what is going on inside the heart of the worship dancer.  Remember, check out the book described above.  You will be very glad that you did!

By admin

Minister Denise Cook Godfrey is the wife of Assistant Pastor DeForest L. Godfrey. Minister Denise has devoted her life to God in true worship and desire to be used to motivate, inspire, and arouse the Body of Christ to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Minister Godfrey’s vision also involves teaching the Body of Christ to utilize the arts such as praise and worship dancing, interpretive movement and expressive signing, drama, and poetry within the local church in order to bring edification, comfort, exhortation, and deliverance. Denise is also the founder of Cook-Godfrey Productions. She is the mother of two children and is a loving grandmother. Minister Godfrey enjoys writing, aerobic exercising, and just spending time with her family.