Well hello everyone!  It has been a “minute” since I have written in this blog but that surely does not mean that I have not had anything going on or anything in particular to write about!  God has given me this creative gift and any inspirational writer will tell you….you can only go so long before picking up that pen and letting go of what is inside of you by spilling your guts on paper!

Today, on this rainy afternoon, I contemplate on feelings of chasing the wind!  Ever feel like the more you attempt to live at peace with everyone and the more  you try to walk in the Spirit and live a Godly life, the more it seems as if you have to lay down and take all types of assaults, meanness, and just down right disrespect!  Hey, what about those times when it appears that all your sacrificing, praying, ministering, laboring, is just as if you are chasing the wind and throwing pebbles in a large ocean and never hearing the sound!  Well, it is ok if you are feeling that way or have felt that way.  This is just the way it is.  I am there right now and that is the reason for the title…..”IS THIS WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR?”  Well, I am mature enough to know that my life is in His Hands!  Sometimes our God will allow these times to come upon us so that we can take a moment to realize that we did not sign up for anything, we are responding to the purpose that God has for us.  Even though we have our moments, God is still molding and shaping us into what He truly wants us to become.  So we will not deny the way we feel; however, we will not allow the feelings to dictate how we respond to life’s disappointments.  We will continue to seek the face of God and continue to say “Yes Lord” to Your will and Your way!

My prayer today is that we all take a moment to reflect on our purpose and never forget that He who has begun a good work in us, is able to complete it unto the coming of Christ!  (See Philippians 1:6)  So, when you feel like you are going through a season of something you really did not sign up for, or you are persecuted and attacked just for doing good and what is right, cheer up!  Know that God has your back and that no good deed goes unrewarded.