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What are you expecting in the new calendar year of 2023? To be honest, I do not have any specific words of prophecy for 2023 other than words uttered during a previous season but…today as I proceeded to clean my home, I noticed all types of old items that were stuck in corners, drawers, and other areas of my home. Items like homemade birthday cards from past dance mentees, compact disks, and other stuff. Some of these items were keepsakes and some were not. I wondered why I continued to hold on to these things. Suddenly the Spirit of God spoke to my heart and prompted me with this word…”If you let them go, I will give you something new. I cannot release the new things that I have on reserve for you until you are willing to let these things go.”

Whew! I had to pause for a praise break. Truth is…I was afraid to let go of some of the stuff for fear that I may need it in the future, but after God dealt with me, I was able to trash a lot of things.

Does any of this spark you to consider letting go of something in order to gain something better? Pray about it.

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Denise Cook-Godfrey-Minister, Author, Play-Wright, Liturgical Dance Instructor

Gospel Stage Plays: Can God UseThem?

So many struggle with generational behavior patterns, habits, emotional pain from a broken past, rejection, and the like….. you may be feeling like you will never experience real change in your life. Maybe you know someone who suffers fr…om low self esteem because choices of their past have left them in a “hot mess”, but I tell you the Hand of God can bring change in an instant! In a moments time. What it took me 20 years to mess up, God can clean up miraculously! Come to our next Gospel stage play, “A change is gonna come” and experience an evening of poetry, drama, song and dance and at the same time, TRANSFORMATION! CHANGE!!!! At New Beginning Ministries on April 14th at 3 pm. We have a great cast from our church and surrounding churches. ALL ARE WELCOME!


Gospel Stage Plays are an excellent ministry tool for the Spirit of God to use in order to bring comfort, edification, exhortation and deliverance.  A visual demonstration is very effective in pulling on the strings of the heart.  Jesus Himself often used parables (Stories) to teach His disciples spiritual truths.  The prophets often were used in dramatic ways to speak the Word of God.

So to answer the question in the heading, Can God use Gospel Stage Plays?  The answer is “yes”.  He can and does use not only plays but also other dramatic forms of artistic creativity to speak to His people.