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Are You “Casting” ALL Your Worries on Jesus?

DCIM100MEDIAHello!  Wow, it has been a “minute” since I have blogged; however, this morning, I am taking the time to let everyone know that we have a serious command from the Lord to NOT give in to the anxieties and pressures of our lives.  You, know I have never looked at it from this angle before:  If I don’t “cast” ALL my worries and anxieties on Him, then I am into pride.  Yep, you heard it right.  I was shocked to gain this revelation.  So to hold on to worries and fears is a sin.  God is merciful and understands that we are human; however, He wants us to progressively come to know Him in such an intimate way until we automatically pray instead of worry.

How do I do it Lord?  How do I really cast all my cares upon You according to I Peter 5:7?  I asked the Lord this out of sincerity and honesty because I do not think that I have been doing it correctly.  You see, Father God pointed out to me that I have been taking SOME of my cares to Him and leaving them but a few of them, I have been holding on to and trying to deal with on my own!  As I said, I was shocked.

My advice:  You have got to connect with our Lord in that secret place and know that He is able to be touched by the feelings of all our infirmities (Hebrews 4:14-16).  This means that Jesus feels too!!!  As a Man on the earth, He felt emotion, pain, anxiety, stress, etc.  He is now at the right hand of the Father and He intercedes for us. This is why we can come in prayer with boldness.  Not because of who we are on our own, but because of Jesus.

In 1 PETER 5:7, “casting all your anxiety on Him,” helps us to see that we really do not have any other choice but to trust God or worry.  Anxiety is a really the opposite of peace and humility, which causes us to lean solely on God!  When I was depending on self to handle my issues, I was depending on self and failing to trust God. God cares for us more than we know.  We are not to submit to circumstances, but to the Lord Who controls circumstances.

Minister Denise Cook-Godfrey

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God bless you!