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She Chose the Hotdogs!

Our Lord wants to speak to us and through us in the ordinary course of a day! The title of this blog message may sound bizarre; however, being the creative writer that God gave me the ability to be, I could not help it! (SMILE!!!)

It started out on a lazy Saturday afternoon after taking advantage of the time to take a simple nap! My body was extremely tired after getting up at 5:30 a.m. to go out and assist with a yard sale for my granddaughter’s community dance team. All I wanted was rest. I did not want to do anything else. After waking up, I asked my husband what he wanted for dinner. He stated that my granddaughter and I should just choose because he would eat whatever. Relieved, I asked my granddaughter to choose between KFC Chicken or hot dogs. She chose the hot dogs (which I was a little disappointed because this meant running to the grocery store to buy them along with other items needed! Had she chosen KFC, all I would need to do is go to the drive through.)

Anyway, I decided to run to the near by Piggly Wiggly so that I could run in and out and get back home in hope to be able to prepare the hot dogs and baked beans quickly and get back to relaxation. But you know how it is on a Saturday afternoon in the grocery store. In the small town where I live, you run into everyone and their “Mama” so to speak. So I did my “hello, how are you?” greeting with a big smile to everyone I came into contact with, very quickly moving from isle to isle. Just when I finally gather all items and is making my way to the check out counter, I spot a woman who I had not seen in many years. This was a woman that I had met when I was in my twenties at a former bank that I worked for. She was a very kind woman who always took time to chat with me as I waited on her as a bank teller. She encouraged me and always showed interest in me and expressed how she was proud of me! Now, there she was in the store, but I did not go to her to speak to her. You see, I saw her, but she did not see me so, being in a hurry but also being in the mood of simply being “tired and not wanting to be bothered”, I hurriedly whipped my shopping cart in the shortest line I could get in. Now to my surprise, the woman that I just “dodged”, is right behind me in line. As I turned to place my items on the counter for scanning, she recognized me and we greeted each other. I asked how she was doing and she began to complain about a health condition. We did small talk for a brief moment and she had mentioned that it had been so long since we saw each other but she stated that she had saw me from time to time in the newspaper due to ministry engagements. She then went on to ask me to keep her in my prayers. Now I knew she meant for me to remember her in my prayers but the Spirit of God led me to stretch forth my hand and let her know that I surely would pray for her right here and right now! Now when she saw my outstretched arm, as I stood behind my cart and she stood behind her cart, our finger tips barely touched but I began to pray out loud asking God to touch her in her body and in her soul and to make her every bit whole! Well, this woman was desperate as she stretched her hand out to my hand and since the carts were in our way and the isle was narrow, it caused us both to press and reach with force. As I began to sense virtue and an anointing at the very moment, we both began to praise and thank God right there on the spot! The glory of he Lord was upon us both. I am not sure what the people around us thought nor did I even allow it to distract the moment!

Now, what did I learn from this experience as I walked out of the local Piggly Wiggly with tears in my eyes? I was reminded that I have a river inside of me that flows out of me to reach others. (John 7:38—He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water). I was reminded that Jesus, in His humanity as He walked this earth, was often tired when crowds of people reached out to Him for healing and deliverance, yet He still gave them what they needed. I was reminded that God is in control and when my granddaughter chose the hotdogs, there was a spiritual purpose even for that! Had she not chose the hot dogs, I would not have been in Piggly Wiggly at that time. Had I not been in Piggly Wiggly, I would not have had the opportunity to minister to this dear sweet woman. Now, God used me in spite of my weaknesses! See I was too tired to even acknowledge this woman at the first so I “dodged” her but God saw fit to look beyond that and allow us to communicate anyway. I am humbled by this experience. I thank God that rather than just telling this woman that I would remember her in my prayers in the future, that I went ahead and obeyed His prompting and prayed right there at that moment in a grocery store, unashamed, with my hot dogs in my shopping cart! God is amazing!

I pray that this article has inspired you to continue to get closer and closer to our Lord through intimate worship and obedience to His promptings!