Unequally Yoked-The Pleasures of Sin Lasts for a Season

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It was the middle of June and seemingly the perfect weather and season for a wedding.  Hot, yet, somewhat breezy with the smell of fresh flowers and fresh mowed lawns.  Everyone was filled with excitement as people from all walks of life flooded the small country church in great anticipation for what was soon to take place.  It was Christine’s wedding day.  After waiting so long and after much debate, she was finally marrying one of the most eligible Christian bachelors that a woman could marry.  Well liked in the small community the couple lived in, Aldridge, was a genuine man of God.

He came from a long line of preacher men, as Christine’s grandmother called them.

“Hold that preacher. Grab him and don’t let go of him.”  Christine could hear those words that Grandma Ruth used to recite.

Also, some of the older mothers of her home church would practically idolize the preacher.  These women had some sort of notion that if you went out of your way to accommodate a preacher, then you had special favor with God.  Now Christine was about to marry one, so you can imagine how all the older women felt.

“Marry that preacher man, and you set yourself up for life. Don’t ever let him go.” Ah, yeah! If Grandma Ruth were alive today, she’d cut her a step across the church for sure today.

Christine, with her marred past, had managed to get her life together, or so it seemed.  Christine still endured emotional struggles.  For one, the residue dangling from her past before meeting Aldridge.  Her appetite for acceptance and identity flawed her ability to choose wisely in the arena of finances and men.  She held onto low self-esteem, even though she was one of the most beautiful young women in the church.  She had a difficult time accepting gifts and encouragement. She didn’t have a connection with her family, and most of all, didn’t seem to find real satisfaction in her ministry work for the church.  The more she worked, the more down and out she’d become.

Christine suffered from depression. At times she’d cover up her pain by involving herself in relationships with men who were not right for her; even after meeting Aldridge.  After all, by her not having that special bond with her father growing up, she didn’t know how to distinguish love from sex and had a serious identity problem.  In her past, Christine seemed to connect with the bad boys and not the nerdy guys who attended church.  The ones who were not so nerdy were already taken, or flirted so badly with the women until it became a complete turn off for Christine.  Christine remembered having an affair with a married man during her early twenties before she’d gotten saved, and it ended up in total disaster. She vowed never to involve herself with married men again.

And then she met Aldridge. He was not the type of man that she normally fell for, but for some reason, she did.  The two seemed to hit it off soon after Christine had broken up with one of her flings. She was getting more acquainted with God at this time of her life and becoming more serious about her faith.  Aldridge, of course, was a big help to her in this area.  He had his own hidden baggage and had no idea how to communicate his struggles to Christine. He busied himself with playing the Knight in Shining Armor for Christine.

As time went on, Christine developed a passion for the things of God.  She was fine spiritually, but emotionally she was troubled.  This goes to show that there are many in the church world today who mask their pain. And even though they have truly given their life to Christ, without healing and deliverance in certain areas, they still live poor quality Christian lives.  This is dangerous, because the devil knows how to push certain buttons and attempts to destroy our fellowship with our Heavenly Father.

In the meanwhile, think and ponder on this question:  When one engages in sexual sin at a very early age, can the results that follow open a Pandora’s Box of emotional trauma and baggage that can have an erratic effect on our lives even after becoming a Christian?  Let us get to reading.

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Little Girl Lost, November 26, 2016
This review is from: Unequally Yoked: The Pleasures of Sin lasts for a Season (Paperback)

Christine Wells, the victim of a loveless home, and the recipient of bullying from her peers, soon finds a relief more beneficial and satisfying than the escape through her mind’s fantasies. The novella begins with Christine entering the 9th grade and ends with her being a young woman in her late twenties. Unequally Yoked is told about Christine soothing herself with the boys, then men who’d come into her life to take advantage of what she had to give–her body.

Throughout her life, Christine reminisces about her late grandma’s teachings about the Lord. She can also sense a calling from the Spirit to get her life in order, although she attends church faithfully.

The author tells a sensitive story by delving into Christine’s family secrets and her desire to eventually become a one man’s woman by marrying a preacher. Although the subject is sex, this author tastefully tells this truthful story (most pulpits neglect) in a strategic, yet powerful way.



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The dance worship mentoring is very much recommended and I learned things I can incorporate into my own ministry as well as the children’s dance ministry.”

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Bridgette Truss


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In “So you say you can praise dance “My friend Minister Denise Cook Godfrey guides the reader through the foundations of effective dance ministry leadership. I love how she teaches in the text that the praise dancer must begin with a personal relationship with Jesus, private prayer, and private worship.  Then the dancer graduates to public dance ministry.

Jocelyn Richard

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