A God Encounter: Building your hope on things ETERNAL!

Today during lunch I visited a local restaurant.  As I stood waiting on my “to go” order, I noticed one of the employees.  Oh I have seen this particular young lady on many occasions in the past in this restaurant, but today, God’s Spirit began to drop a prophetic word down on the inside of my spirit for this young lady.  Now, there was no way that I could stop her in the middle of a busy lunch crowd and minister the word to her, so I just began to pray under my breath a prayer for her and if God sees fit, I know He will open a door for me to give her this Word at a later time.  Now as I proceeded to my car and to drive off, I thought on the Word.  It was “Build your hopes on things eternal.  Keep building and I will deliver you and give you your heart’s desires”.  I pondered and I wondered if I would ever speak this word to her or perhaps I would post it online for someone else to be encouraged by it.  Just then, I was prompted to grab the Word for myself!  As the tears started rolling down my face, the Holy Spirit began to minister even more to me.  You see, in order for us to build our hopes on things eternal, we must first know what is eternal and what is temporary.  The Spirit spoke to me even further and said that it goes deeper and far beyond a definition.  We must learn by experience what is eternal, which is God’s word, verses what is temporary, such as our afflictions, troubles, trials, heartaches, etc.

Today, I invite you to grab hold of that same prophetic word, and build your hope on what God has already said to you specifically and also on His written Word each day of your life!  Keep your focus on Him and He will place desires in your heart and make sure that they come to pass!  I thank God for the “God Encounter” that He gave me today.