Exercising will Profit a little, but what about Godliness?

I love to take a brisk walk first thing in the morning while I listen to worship music, meditate and hear from the Lord.  Exercising is very important.  We should maintain our bodies, which is the temple of the Lord.  This morning after my walk, I noticed the Spirit of the Lord nudging at me with this verse: “But Godliness with contentment is great gain” (I Timothy 6:6).  You know bodily exercise does profit us but the bible compares physical bodily exercise and Godliness together and measurement equals:  bodily exercise profits little while Godliness with contentment equals GREAT GAIN!  Nothing compares to the peace and blessings that we gain by maintaining our character and growing in our relationship with God and with others.

So go ahead, burn that treadmill up, tone those muscles, dance, do whatever it takes to maintain your physical body but do not forget to maintain your Godly character and be content.

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