Are You in Desert Places?

The Lord just spoke a word in season to my spirit and I would like to share it.  “There are some who have been lured into the desert by God Himself and these people are unaware.  They feel deserted, forsaken, and even believe that it is the devil. But I have allowed this season in order to speak comfort and to be gracious to you.”

Are you in such a place as this?  If so, just know that God has not forsaken you in that place where He has allowed you to be.  There is a purpose for the wilderness and desert experiences of our life.  Read this passage:

“I will make rivers flow on barren heights, and springs within the valleys. I will turn the desert into pools of water, and the parched ground into springs.”  ISAIAH 41:18

“”Therefore I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her.”  HOSEA 2:14

Now the purpose for the desert season is so that others can see the miracles of God’s river being poured out into your life and understand that it is the Lord and nobody but the Lord that brought you out!  So this season is for your growth and character development and for others to witness it also and know who God is!

Blessings to you.  Stay encouraged!


2 thoughts on “Are You in Desert Places?

  1. Lizette

    I feel I’m in that place right now, but after reading this word I know why I am in a desert place.

    Thank you Denise, you are a blessing!

    1. admin Post author

      Lizette, I thank God for speaking it and I give Him the glory. It was my pleasure and you are so welcomed. Thank you for responding. It is always good to hear a response from time to time. Continue to worship while you are in that place because these seasons do change!!!

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