Grace Loves Me!

Wow, when I think about the Spirit of Grace……when I think about the unmerited favor and the divine enablement that God gives over and over and over again……I begin to realize that Grace loves me and it is not about how good I am or how smart or deserving I am.  Yes, I know.  We should all as Christians understand about Grace, but I want to personify her.  She keeps loving over and over again.  She is faithful even when I am not faithful.  We do not deserve her; yet she abounds!  Take a break and think about our friend Grace and her companion, “Mercy”.  I mean really be truthful and honest about some of the times when you know the justice of God should have prevailed, but these two:  “Grace” and “Mercy” stood in the gap.  (Ephesians 4:7- But unto each one of us, grace has been given as Christ has apportioned it.)

Sometimes it is just good to reflect and think about the simple things of our faith and then we will see that they are beyond simple, but the very thing that we should progressively come to gain more and more revelation about.  These are those “selah” times when I meditate on God’s Word and His ways.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life.  Thanks for your prayers as well.  Our ministry drama on last weekend was a huge success and to God be all the glory!  Continue to pray for us as we continue to seek God for direction in ministry.  We are also planning a few days of rest and fun!  I really need prayer in this area because I seem to have a hard time shutting it all down and just resting.  Before vacation; however, we are planning a tele-seminar, which will be on tomorrow evening at 7 pm central standard time.  We will be discussing the praise dance manual, “So You Say You Can Praise Dance….Now What?”  There will also be a time of questions and answers and just a lot of fun filled, passionate conversation regarding the ministry of dance.  Anyone is welcomed to join in and it does not matter if you are new to the ministry or not or whether or not you have purchased the book!  Dial 559-726-1200 and use access code 145261# to join the call.  I look forward to meeting you on the call.

I love you with the love of Jesus!