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Just when I thought I had YOU all figured out……….I’m Knocked to My Knees!

Our Heavenly Father surely has a sweet way about Him when it comes to discipline and chastening those whom He loves (Rev 3:19- “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten, be zealous therefore and repent”).  Yes, there is the “R” word again……REPENT!

As a Minister of the Gospel and as a creative writer, dancer, and mentor, I can attest to the fact that at times we get stuck on the gift way over and above the GIVER!  Every good and perfect gift surely comes down from the Father of Lights, and in Him there is no darkness at all.  Gifts are remarkable.  Anointings are exciting and very useful for the Kingdom of God.  Loving the journey of the supernatural is also exciting and worth all of the work and attention that we give to it.  However, we must never forget that we do what we do by the grace of God.  It is His divine enablement upon flesh that causes our spirit man to reach out to others and join in with the Holy Spirit and truly touch someone with our teaching, preaching, prophesying, praise and worship dancing, mime, drama, spoken word, etc.  We must never place Him in a box and think we know what the outcome of our ministry assignments will be.  Here is the sum of what I am saying:  Just when we think we have ministry all figured out, God has a way of knocking us down a notch and showing us that we can’t do anything without Him and that it is not all about us.  Now, I know we love to repeat this saying but how many of us truly live by “Its not about us-its about Jesus” cliché?  Just when we are soaring on eagles wings and everyone is patting us on the back and all seems to be going well, the Lord surely will break us down and strip us so that we can realize that the highest place that we can ever be is at HIS FEET!

Never get too grown in the spirit.  Never take it upon yourself to offer strange fire upon the altar.  “Strange fire?”,  you may ask.  I am talking about the kind of praise and worship that is not authorized by God.  You know.  The kind that is birthed after the flesh.  The kind that is self centered and mostly just full of dead works!

With all of that being said (and you know I am talking to my self right?) I will endeavor to stay on fire for God through hot, intimate, passionate worship.  I will not do works that are motivated by the flesh and I will wait upon the Lord for He knows what is best for me.  I will keep chasing Him and realize that I can never, ever figure out this thing called ministry.  I will stay humble and listen and cooperated with Holy Spirit.

I pray that you have enjoyed this article and that you stay “fit for the Masters use”!