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Help Is On It’s Way!

Many of us has already declared and decreed that 2013 will be a year like no other!  A year of restoration, blessings, and exaltation.  The proceeding Word out of the Mouth of God has even gone forth, providing a refreshing and joyous ray of hope deep down within the soul at a time in the past just before the new year arrived.

Well, the first quarter of the year is not even over yet and some feel as if they have been to hell and back and the enemy is, as it may appear, putting such a “squeeze” on us until it seems as if the hope is diminishing!  Well, God would have us to know that He will complete the work that He started.  He is full of mercy and He will not forsake the works of His own Hands!  He will come forth because He watches over His word to ensure that it comes to pass.  Take heart.  Know that help is on its way.  Even when a proceeding, or prophetic word from God seems to be delayed, know that it will come to pass in its own season.  Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.  Standing still is not literal.  It means remain calm in your soul.  Let the peace of God rule and reign in your heart and have faith in God during the darkest hours.  He is faithful.  Look back and remember His faithfulness from the past and trust like never before.

Hold on!  Your future still looks pretty bright to me.  Help is on the way.