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Swallowing the Bitter Pill

You’ve been there!  God gives a word either through speaking directly to your spirit man or through another person.  The word has been confirmed and you are excited beyond excited.  Your faith is stirred and you wait patiently.  Finally, the day comes for the manifestation of the promise.  All the signs point to it.  This is it, or so you thought!  Your understanding of the matter is now somewhat clouded.  You begin to drown in despair. What just happened?  A set back is what some call it.  Hope deferred is how King Soloman described it (See Proverbs 13:12:  Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life).  Either way, what you are experiencing in this moment of disappointment is quite common to all of us.  This valley like experience has nothing to do with the great purpose and destiny that God has planned for you.  It does not cancel out the promise that He made to you.

So how do you cope?  Here is something that came to mind this morning as I was reading a short article from a ministry called “Streams Ministries International.”  The article spoke of our learning to celebrate private victories as we wait for what God has prepared for us.  I was thankful for the article, but as I pondered this more and more, here is another point that was brought to my attention:  At times, we have got to embrace disappointments.  Sometimes we are just not ready for what is ahead.  Swallowing the bitter pill of disappointment and “hope deferred” as King Solomon put it, is really a pill that is good for the soul.  No, it does not feel good, but once we endure we will come out on the other side more polished and mature and ready to face the responsibilities of the blessings that our future promotion holds for us.  Until we are back on that path (because there are detours we must take on our way into our destiny), we must remain in love with the Father!  We must worship as we have never worshipped before!  Worshipping and continuing to declare and study God’s word during these types of seasons will sustain us and keep us grounded.  Keep busy.  Do for others.  Follow after peace and do the things that you can for God’s Kingdom.  Be satisfied with His goodness!

So…go ahead and cry, yell, ask God how you are to tread from this place and swallow that pill!  Someday you will be glad that you did.

Denise Cook-Godfrey

Minister/Author/PlayWright/Liturgical Dance Instructor



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Delayed Desire

] Proverbs 13:12 says “Hope Deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire has come, it is a tree of life!”  Well, it is a fact and reality that life brings on disappointments.  All of us will face a delay in some desire that even God Himself has placed in our hearts!  At times we are disappointed by the circumstances of life, the faithfulness of people, and yes, even in God!  Disappointments make the heart sink down low.  Sometimes it is temporary and passing, but sometimes disappointments can affect almost every phase of our lives.

How do we handle the pain of disappointment?  First, we must go to God and tell Him!  Yes.  Although the Almighty already knows it, we must go to Him and vent!  Then we much draw near to Him and continue to hope in His word and in His faithfulness.  We must continue to believe that there is a purpose for our pain.  Once we progress in this, we will soon experience the desire that comes from trusting God.  Our scripture passage says that when the desire comes, it is a tree of life!  That means that the desire is restoration and healing from the pain.  Sometimes, the desire is not what we originally desired, but the desire in trusting God’s serenity when we hope in His love and faithfulness to always know what is best for us.


Many blessings to you!

Minister Denise Cook Godfrey

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“Aint Nobody Mad but the Devil”

Well, I’d like to start this blog article by saying that there is never a dull moment when you are serious about your beliefs in the Prophetic Word of God!  God is always speaking.  Most of the time, we are just not listening or we are listening but as soon as the Prophetic Word goes under attack, we become discouraged and forget it.  This is what happened to the Egyptian Woman by the name of Hagar.  God spoke to her when she was at her lowest point and foretold to her the future of her soon to be born son.  When things got really bad again for her, she went into the desert and prepared herself for the death of her son.  (See Genesis 16:7-16 and 21:14-21)

So, the sum of what I am dropping these few lines are is this:  just because after you hear and receive an awesome Prophetic Word from the Lord the exact opposite happens, don’t get discouraged and lose hope.  This does not mean that God did not say it, it just means that the devil is mad!!!  Yes!  He is so mad until he is forming weapons against you.  I know this first hand.  I am in a situation right now where I have received a Rhema (A Prophetic uttered Word out of the written Word), and I had so much joy and began to activate that word.  I began to own it for myself.  Oh, but guess what?  The exact opposite started to manifest.  Something tragic and negative began to happen in my family.  The devil began to taunt at me and tell me not to even believe but I fought that liar and I am still presently standing on God’s spoken word to me.

So, if you have received a word from the Lord and it appears that all is going wrong or the exact opposite is happening, remember, it does not mean that God did not say it……..it just means that He did say it and it made the devil mad.  “AINT NOBODY MAD BUT THE DEVIL!”  Fight that liar with the true Word of God. So, what do you do with the already formed weapons?  Look at it for what it is and just know that it could have been worse.  Know that God’s Hand is more powerful than any demon spirit.  Continue to pray.  Continue to worship.  Do what you can about the situation in the natural and for God’s sake, do not utter words to God while you are discouraged and upset.  Calm down, encourage your own self in the Lord and then go back to God and ask Him for direction while you wait on Him.  Declare that no weapon formed against you will prosper!  We can do this my friend, we can do this because of who we belong to.

If this word has blessed you, please take the time to post a comment.  Also, if you feel led of the Lord to support this ministry financially, please do so!  (SEE THE DONATE BUTTON ON SIDE OF PAGE)  God has caused this to be good ground!  May God bless and keep you as you walk with Him.


Help Is On It’s Way!

Many of us has already declared and decreed that 2013 will be a year like no other!  A year of restoration, blessings, and exaltation.  The proceeding Word out of the Mouth of God has even gone forth, providing a refreshing and joyous ray of hope deep down within the soul at a time in the past just before the new year arrived.

Well, the first quarter of the year is not even over yet and some feel as if they have been to hell and back and the enemy is, as it may appear, putting such a “squeeze” on us until it seems as if the hope is diminishing!  Well, God would have us to know that He will complete the work that He started.  He is full of mercy and He will not forsake the works of His own Hands!  He will come forth because He watches over His word to ensure that it comes to pass.  Take heart.  Know that help is on its way.  Even when a proceeding, or prophetic word from God seems to be delayed, know that it will come to pass in its own season.  Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.  Standing still is not literal.  It means remain calm in your soul.  Let the peace of God rule and reign in your heart and have faith in God during the darkest hours.  He is faithful.  Look back and remember His faithfulness from the past and trust like never before.

Hold on!  Your future still looks pretty bright to me.  Help is on the way.