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“Aint Nobody Mad but the Devil”

Well, I’d like to start this blog article by saying that there is never a dull moment when you are serious about your beliefs in the Prophetic Word of God!  God is always speaking.  Most of the time, we are just not listening or we are listening but as soon as the Prophetic Word goes under attack, we become discouraged and forget it.  This is what happened to the Egyptian Woman by the name of Hagar.  God spoke to her when she was at her lowest point and foretold to her the future of her soon to be born son.  When things got really bad again for her, she went into the desert and prepared herself for the death of her son.  (See Genesis 16:7-16 and 21:14-21)

So, the sum of what I am dropping these few lines are is this:  just because after you hear and receive an awesome Prophetic Word from the Lord the exact opposite happens, don’t get discouraged and lose hope.  This does not mean that God did not say it, it just means that the devil is mad!!!  Yes!  He is so mad until he is forming weapons against you.  I know this first hand.  I am in a situation right now where I have received a Rhema (A Prophetic uttered Word out of the written Word), and I had so much joy and began to activate that word.  I began to own it for myself.  Oh, but guess what?  The exact opposite started to manifest.  Something tragic and negative began to happen in my family.  The devil began to taunt at me and tell me not to even believe but I fought that liar and I am still presently standing on God’s spoken word to me.

So, if you have received a word from the Lord and it appears that all is going wrong or the exact opposite is happening, remember, it does not mean that God did not say it……..it just means that He did say it and it made the devil mad.  “AINT NOBODY MAD BUT THE DEVIL!”  Fight that liar with the true Word of God. So, what do you do with the already formed weapons?  Look at it for what it is and just know that it could have been worse.  Know that God’s Hand is more powerful than any demon spirit.  Continue to pray.  Continue to worship.  Do what you can about the situation in the natural and for God’s sake, do not utter words to God while you are discouraged and upset.  Calm down, encourage your own self in the Lord and then go back to God and ask Him for direction while you wait on Him.  Declare that no weapon formed against you will prosper!  We can do this my friend, we can do this because of who we belong to.

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