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Being and not doing.

I used to be afraid to dream and even more afraid to verbalize the dreams of my heart. When you dream God’s dreams that He gave you to dream, then you are more determined to press your way through seasons of difficulty. You press not based on what seems easy or impossible, because you have learned by experience that God is the God of the impossible.

37 For with God nothing is ever impossible and no word from God shall be without power or impossible of fulfillment. LUKE 1:37, AMPC

So I challenge you today to seek God for His preferred will for your life and dream…dream BIG! Acknowledge God in all of your ways and let Him lead you down each pathway. This week God gave me an Ephesians 3:20 blessing. For the first time ever, one of my books made it to the number-one spot on Amazon’s best-seller list! I am now a best-selling author and I glorify God! This is one of my dreams but I never expected it to come to pass this quickly. Praise God!

You too can see the manifestation of dreams coming to pass in your life. I am rooting for you! Have a blessed weekend.

Minister Denise Cook-Godfrey

Swallowing the Bitter Pill

You’ve been there!  God gives a word either through speaking directly to your spirit man or through another person.  The word has been confirmed and you are excited beyond excited.  Your faith is stirred and you wait patiently.  Finally, the day comes for the manifestation of the promise.  All the signs point to it.  This is it, or so you thought!  Your understanding of the matter is now somewhat clouded.  You begin to drown in despair. What just happened?  A set back is what some call it.  Hope deferred is how King Soloman described it (See Proverbs 13:12:  Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life).  Either way, what you are experiencing in this moment of disappointment is quite common to all of us.  This valley like experience has nothing to do with the great purpose and destiny that God has planned for you.  It does not cancel out the promise that He made to you.

So how do you cope?  Here is something that came to mind this morning as I was reading a short article from a ministry called “Streams Ministries International.”  The article spoke of our learning to celebrate private victories as we wait for what God has prepared for us.  I was thankful for the article, but as I pondered this more and more, here is another point that was brought to my attention:  At times, we have got to embrace disappointments.  Sometimes we are just not ready for what is ahead.  Swallowing the bitter pill of disappointment and “hope deferred” as King Solomon put it, is really a pill that is good for the soul.  No, it does not feel good, but once we endure we will come out on the other side more polished and mature and ready to face the responsibilities of the blessings that our future promotion holds for us.  Until we are back on that path (because there are detours we must take on our way into our destiny), we must remain in love with the Father!  We must worship as we have never worshipped before!  Worshipping and continuing to declare and study God’s word during these types of seasons will sustain us and keep us grounded.  Keep busy.  Do for others.  Follow after peace and do the things that you can for God’s Kingdom.  Be satisfied with His goodness!

So…go ahead and cry, yell, ask God how you are to tread from this place and swallow that pill!  Someday you will be glad that you did.

Denise Cook-Godfrey

Minister/Author/PlayWright/Liturgical Dance Instructor



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“I Feel Ya!”

“I know how you feel”, “Girl I feel ya on that!”  Have you ever heard these expressions from folks when you were really going through a tough time?  Well, they may actually understand and know some things but no one knows the hurt, pain, and temptations that we feel better than Jesus!  He was tempted at all points, and yet without sin (Hebrews 4:15).  Jesus, being fully God and fully man, groaned within Himself and felt burdened and grieved (John 11:33-36).  Jesus wept.  So take courage today.  Jesus is intimately concerned about all of our woes, groans, sighs, feelings of infirmities, cares, desires, etc.  He is an awesome Savior, Friend, Father and so much more!

In other news, I want to let you in on a secret………I am working on another book!  This next book is of a different twist for me and  would love for you to let me know if you would like to participate in a survey that I am doing for the book.  Your name does not have to be mentioned unless you want it to be.  Here are the survey questions and you can email me to let me know if you want to participate:




Look and Live! (a prophetic word)

There are some of us today that are looking and looking, and all we see is our pain, shame, guilt, and even hopelessness!  The struggle is real.  God is saying, “let Me open up your eyes, so that you can see your substance and live!  Change your focus.  Look to Me.  I will show unto you a well of water so that you can be revived and thrive!  For you soul has sunken low and you feel as if you cannot look up.”

The word above goes beyond basic encouragement, although that really is what the prophecy is about.  It is also a life or death situation for someone.  This word is the difference between someone’s hope of living out there purpose and utter ruin!  Read Genesis 21:16-20.  Hagar was depressed, tired, and hopeless.  She had forgotten the prophetic word that she had received years ago when her son was in her womb.  But the word says that God had to open her eyes so that she could see her substance!  She found what it was that she needed right then for she and her son to live.  Ask God to supernaturally open your eyes today so that you can see past what you are looking at naturally in order to walk out your God given purpose!  God bless you!




Do You Know Your God???

Daniel 11:32b proclaims:  But the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.  In the context of this passage, Daniel as a prophet is being shown some serious, heavy duty stuff that will take place on this earth in the last days.  In those days during the tribulation period.  It will be a time of great deception, where the Anti-Christ will use flattery and deception to hinder people from receiving the truth about Jesus Christ and of course this is truth that should  have been accepted and received before the rapture.  My friends we are now living in the last days and even though the rapture has not taken place yet, we ourselves are living in crucial and perilous times.  Paul talked about the condition of the world and the wickedness that is taking place right now.  So I wanna ask one more time:  Do You Know Your God???  Even though this world is corrupt and there is trouble on every side, those of us who have intimate knowledge of our God through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will still do exploits for God under His anointing (exploits can be defined as exciting and notable deeds and acts!)  Although this world is really not going to get any better and there are so many wicked things going on, there will also be exploits and supernatural events taking place in the church!  (Dreams, visions, prophecies, healings, deliverance, signs and wonders!)

Stay strong and grounded and continue to KNOW YOUR GOD and better yet, worship Him each day in order to have Him reveal more and more of Himself to you.  There is security in Jesus!  He places a blanket of protection over His children.  He is our shelter.

https://youtu.be/ebNds3FJg5U  Enjoy a dance clip of “Alabaster Box”

When God is Silent

When God is silent, its not time to give in.  When the world is spinning out of control- only God knows how to show the way for each day, but the quietness is almost too burdensome to bear…..for it seems as if He is unaware of the pain and loneliness, the uncertainty, the fearful thinking that is taking place right here and now!

When God is silent- we must be content with what we heard in our spirit.  Yes, that word we received in the past that caused great joy.  That same word will cover every bit of despair, knowing that He really is there! 

When God is silent what can we do?  How can we go on?  We must know of His unfailing love for us, on this we must trust.  For in the test, though there may be silence, He is as close as our next breath.  He has not abandoned us.  He will manifest His presence…..and we will not only hear, but we will yet see the salvation of our Lord who is oh so near!