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Look and Live! (a prophetic word)

There are some of us today that are looking and looking, and all we see is our pain, shame, guilt, and even hopelessness!  The struggle is real.  God is saying, “let Me open up your eyes, so that you can see your substance and live!  Change your focus.  Look to Me.  I will show unto you a well of water so that you can be revived and thrive!  For you soul has sunken low and you feel as if you cannot look up.”

The word above goes beyond basic encouragement, although that really is what the prophecy is about.  It is also a life or death situation for someone.  This word is the difference between someone’s hope of living out there purpose and utter ruin!  Read Genesis 21:16-20.  Hagar was depressed, tired, and hopeless.  She had forgotten the prophetic word that she had received years ago when her son was in her womb.  But the word says that God had to open her eyes so that she could see her substance!  She found what it was that she needed right then for she and her son to live.  Ask God to supernaturally open your eyes today so that you can see past what you are looking at naturally in order to walk out your God given purpose!  God bless you!