When God is Silent

When God is silent, its not time to give in.  When the world is spinning out of control- only God knows how to show the way for each day, but the quietness is almost too burdensome to bear…..for it seems as if He is unaware of the pain and loneliness, the uncertainty, the fearful thinking that is taking place right here and now!

When God is silent- we must be content with what we heard in our spirit.  Yes, that word we received in the past that caused great joy.  That same word will cover every bit of despair, knowing that He really is there! 

When God is silent what can we do?  How can we go on?  We must know of His unfailing love for us, on this we must trust.  For in the test, though there may be silence, He is as close as our next breath.  He has not abandoned us.  He will manifest His presence…..and we will not only hear, but we will yet see the salvation of our Lord who is oh so near!