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Is it conviction or condemnation?

You know that feeling!  The one where you feel so bad about something you said or done, or perhaps some poor choice that you made without really weighing the consequences.  The truth of the matter is this:   Christians make poor choices and they sin at some point or another.  No Christian is immune to a “breaking point”.  Ok, so what do I mean by a “breaking point”?  A true “breaking point” in the heart of a believer is when you are broken and contrite because of sin.

Carrying the burden of sin is too heavy and it will break you.  The remedy?  REPENTANCE!  The word is clear in I John 1:9, which was written to Christians.  It simply tells us that if and when we sin, we are to confess our sins and that God is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  But what do we do with the pain and the burden of the sin?  What about the remorse and the regret?  Well, by faith, we must simply move on and know that God is not holding any grudges against us for missing the mark.  This is sometimes easier said than done; however.  The enemy will make sure that he holds a large bucket of condemnation over our heads to keep us off track and to keep us focusing on the sin, rather than the One who is the forgiver of our sins.

Ok, first of all, it is extremely important to remember that as a Christian, we must always be on guard and watch our attitudes and life style.  We do not want to offend anyone by our actions and words.  This is especially true when you are a Minister of the Gospel.  There is a very high standard that we must portray.  This is not only true because we have new Christians who are looking to us or may be we have people who follow our ministries or we Pastor a flock of sheep, etc, but it is also extremely important to note that satan is waiting on us to fail so that he can try to profane that Holy Name of Jesus.  We wear that Name and have our identity in Christ.  All of this is so true but at some point in time, we will fail and it is at those times when we must realize that we are to go through the season of brokenness and contrition, repent, and acknowledge our sin and weakness so that we will not appear to be “fake” or offend people.

Do not hold on to the sin.  Go ahead and confess it even if it is to be done publicly.  This is what King David had to do.  Read Psalms 32 very carefully.  As long as David kept silent about his sin, he “wasted away”.  He was so broken until it made him sick!  He finally confessed and forsook his sin and then and only then did he experience real peace and joy.  Read also psalms 51.  Both passages are great to meditate on when you are experiencing brokenness and a heavy heart due to sin.   Your missing the mark may not be like David’s, but it still hurts.

Now, in my conclusion, do not let the enemy cause you to lose your joy because of condemnation!  How do you know whether it is conviction or condemnation?   Glad that you asked!   Conviction is from the Holy Spirit and He will cause a burden and brokenness but He will not leave you in that broken state.  He will also convince you that you are still a child of God!  He convicts and draws you back into fellowship and allows you to go in peace!  The enemy on the other hand will always bring the sin back to mind and cause you to feel so much alienation and enmity with God and with ministry.  He wants you to be confused and feel as if there is no hope of moving on.  Don’t listen to his lie!  Go in peace and know that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus!  If you are born again, then you are “IN CHRIST JESUS AND WALK AFTER THE SPIRIT”!

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