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Wasted on Him in worship or just wasted?

Sometime the demands of ministry, family, secular jobs, and just the pressures of life will drain us.  Even serving in ministry, whether pulpit, helps, intercesory prayer, whatever, can lead to lots of wear and tear on our intimacy with our Heavenly Father!  This can leave us weary, frustrated, and so overwhelmed until we are not as productive to the Kingdom of God as we need and desire to be.  Instead of being wasted in worship in the presence of God, we are just wasted!  I am reminded of this reality this very night as I write to encourage myself and you.  “Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, into Your presence I come!”  Sometimes we need to run away from people, situations, even ministry work!  Okay, I did not say quit or not be concerned about the lost or about the bible study you are preparing for, etc.  I am talking about isolating yourself in order to spend quality time with the Lord and also getting physical rest as well.  Our greatest example Himself had to do this.  Why should we think that we don’t need to follow His pattern?  Read below:

Mark 1:35:   Before daybreak the next morning, Jesus got up and went out to an isolated place to pray.

Luke 5: 15-16:  But despite Jesus’ instructions, the report of his power spread even faster, and vast crowds came to hear him preach and to be healed of their diseases. 16 But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.

See, Jesus in His humanity (Son of Man) knew the importance of resting and spending isolated time alone with His Father.  Do you and I understand the importance of this as well?  I understand it, but often have to be reminded!  Holy Spirit, continue to reveal the heart of the Father to us and lead us closer into Father’s arms so that we can rest and spend those isolated hours in prayer in order to be re-fueled for ministry!  We want to bond with You and give you what You are seeking:  and that is WORSHIP IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH!  In Jesus’ Name…..So be it.

God bless you

Minister Denise Cook Godfrey

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The Struggle is Real!!!


Well, the question posed within the title of this article is “forreal”!!!  Have you ever heard the expression “THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!”  Yes, it is very much real because the enemy hates you and because you are dearly loved by God, he intends to wear you out!  Don’t feel bad.  This just means that you are on to a good start and God has glorious plans for your life and your ministry (service unto Him for the Body of Christ-whatever that is).

Don’t give up.  You were made for this!  You were built for this!  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.  Philippians 4:13  Go ahead, repeat it and put your name in it:  Denise can do all things through Christ who strengthens her!

So, what do we do, now that the new year has just come in and it seems as if we are already tired?  The answer is simple but profound:  We pull on our source!  We look inside of our own spirit and declare that there is a river in there!  There is a river inside of us that will flow and bless us with refreshing water.  The water is what will give us stamina and strength so that we won’t get weary and give up.  The water mixed with the Word of God will restore and give us the GRACE (divine favor and enablement) to just keep it moving.  I am praying for you.  I pray that your faith will never fail.  I pray that you will be refreshed and never lose focus of your God given purpose!  Remember, Jesus said that we who believe in Him, as the scriptures has said, out of our belly (heart, spirit) flows rivers of living waters!  (See John 7:38)